Saturday, March 11, 2017

A Journey of Knowledge

It seems to me that my life is a journey based on knowledge.

There was a time to:

- aquire knowledge. I got my bachelor's degree in business administration at the #1 university in the Latin America. And, a few years later, my Executive MBA.

- put that knowledge to use. For about 20 years, I was an executive in Brazil, with jobs in industries like financial services, consultancy, publishing, IT, and pay-TV.

- spread that knowledge. I left the corporate world and started to teach business, in courses related to finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship.

- question that knowledge. As Batman once said, most of the things that "everybody knows" are wrong; the rest are merely unreliable. That's the main idea I got from my Master of Science.

And now, another stage in my life is beginning. It's time to generate new knowledge. It's time to go for a PhD in the US!

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