Monday, March 13, 2017

Spreading Knowledge Before a PhD Program

All right, in my last post I wrote that work experience is not required for a PhD, and may even have a negative impact on your application. But there is a kind of work that deserves special attention: teaching.

A PhD is much more related to developing you as a researcher than as a teacher. However, many schools assume you will take on teaching assistantship responsibilities as part of your PhD. So, having experience as a teacher can help in those cases.

And it is often the case that someone with teaching experience also had the opportunity to get involved in research projects. That's even better than just teaching, since you know what research is about.

When I applied for the PhD, I had not only executive experience, but I also had been a teacher in business classes for 5 years. That included a variety of subjects (specially in finance, marketing, and entrepreneurship), using innovative teaching methods like problem-based learning, and being part of a few research projects of the institution I worked for.

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